From the perspective of 2018, it's easy to forget that until a couple decades ago the governments of most countries made serious efforts to restrain rather then encourage many kinds of economic globalization -- and then suddenly that changed. Why?

I've looked at this question by studying the establishment of free trade in North America -- Canada, Mexico, and the United States. My view is that many critics, who say globalization has been a top-down project imposed by elites, are basically correct. But they have badly misunderstood many things about globalization, about the people who have made globalization happen, and about how they have done so. I'm trying to help the critics and the advocates understand each other better. I'm currently finishing a book on this work.

My last paper on globalization, which appeared in the American Journal of Sociology, won best article awards in 2015 from the American Sociological Association sections on Political Sociology and Global-Transnational Sociology, and an honorable mention from the Section on Comparative-Historical Sociology.